Trade ANY Cardano Asset at Warp Speed With Swapz and AstroSwap!

November 2021

Right on the heels of announcing the AstroSwap, Centaur Finance, and Velhalla partnerships, we are proud to bring yet another groundbreaking…
The Swapz team is committed to equip everyone in DeFi with the cross-chain stablecoin swapping platform that will allow them to trade away their way to…
NFT-powered Play to Earn gaming is already bringing tons of new investment into web3 world. With the P2E metaverse changing the gaming industry forever…

October 2021

Building an Interstellar Highway Connecting Cardano to all EVM Chains
Together We Will Build the New Cross-Chain Financial System
Cross-chain Stablecoin Swapz: Where DeFi meets Web3

September 2021

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