The Most Valuable Platform

Cross-chain Stablecoin Swapz: Where DeFi meets Web3

The day we've all been waiting for is finally here.

There's no community as patient and as demanding as the Swapz Cross-Chain Gang.

And we understand why.

With the rise of web3, DeFi is now a multi-chain phenomenon with profitable trading opportunities manifesting themselves in multiple networks. Crypto enthusiasts and experienced investors alike are noticing the unprecedented potential that lies at the intersection of these two powerful forces. But they're not alone.

Regulators have also sharpened their focus on the crypto industry and are hell-bent on destroying the very field they know they can't subjugate. Forcing centralized exchanges to KYC traders for every breath we take was just the first step. Binance bent the knee and the rest will follow suit.

But as CeFi dies, DeFi flies.

The Swapz Story

We started with the aim of building a zero slippage decentralized exchange running on a peer-to-peer mesh protocol to connect traders directly, freeing them from bots.

The slippage problem was estimated by our team to cost traders up to $14 billion/year, which isn't exactly a small sum. The process of fine-tuning our approach to this issue brought our CTO face-to-face with some of the most prolific professional traders: the kind of people who move millions with every trade.

When he explained to these crypto titans what Swapz was proposing to do about the slippage problem, they said "that's nice, but it's not what we really need."

Our CTO leaned in. "What do you need then?"

The answer was swift: "With fast and secure cross-chain stablecoin swaps, I can make 10 life-changing trades in one hour, instead of getting my funds stuck in bridges for a day."

That conversation played out in call after call with trader after trader.

We thought $14 billion/year was a decent opportunity. But the stablecoin market is worth $129 billion and it's growing day by day. We looked at this market and what we could build to serve it.

It was time to set aside the Zero Slippage DEX — for now, at least.

This was a tough decision, but a necessary one. Our goal was always to give traders like you a tool to trade your way to a life-changing fortune, one swap at a time.

It was time to rewrite the Swapz story, and with it, the history of DeFi.

Cross-chain Stablecoin Swapz: the real MVP

After our CTO and development had their Eureka moment, they got to work and they did it fast.

Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was scheduled to come out in Q3 2021. And today (despite the slight delay), we are extremely happy to deliver our eager community what they have been so eagerly anticipating.

The Swapz MVP is officially live at:

You can now swap USDC, BUSD, USDT, and VUSDT across Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Velas respectively.

Our code is 100% original and developed in-house. We have tested it, we have audited it, but we are still in beta and in the process of ramping up liquidity. This is fresh software and we are very much in testing mode.

While we're in this stage of the process, we recommend you keep trading to a minimum — DO NOT SWAP MORE THAN $500-1000 AT A TIME — to avoid the risk of losing your network fee and seeing your trade fail due to lack of liquidity in the pools.

Rest assured that even in that situation you would only lose the network fee, and the rest of your stables would stay in your wallet.

Please remember to change the network on your wallet to the network you’re swapping your stables to, after you’ve swapped them.

Suggested Minimum & Maximum Limits for Stablecoin Transactions

These numbers below represent our suggested bounds for BUSD/USDT/USDC stablecoin swaps in our platform while we’re in Beta testing mode:

ETH > BSC: 100 - 1000

BSC > ETH: 100 - 1000

ETH > POLY: 100 - 1000

POLY > ETH: 10 - 1000

ETH > VELAS: 100 - 1000

VELAS > ETH: 10 - 1000

BSC > ETH: 10 - 1000

ETH > BSC: 100 - 1000

BSC > POLY: 10 - 1000

POLY > BSC: 10 - 1000

BSC > VELAS: 10 - 1000

VELAS > BSC: 10 - 1000

POLY > ETH: 10 - 1000

ETH > POLY: 100 - 1000

POLY > VELAS: 10 - 1000

VELAS > POLY: 10 - 1000

VELAS > BSC: 10 - 1000

BSC > VELAS: 10 - 1000

VELAS > ETH: 10 - 1000

ETH > VELAS: 100 - 1000

As we add more liquidity to Swapz in the coming weeks, we will progressively scale up the maximum limit for transactions on our platform, always with a focus on the security that our infrastructure can provide to your funds.

How will we incentivize liquidity on Swapz?

We're adding some of our own at first and we'll soon announce a special round of rewards for early liquidity providers. (Get ready for a big number, folks.)

Not only will early LPs help Swapz take this historic first step, they will also earn a steady income from single-token liquidity provision free from impermanent loss.

This will come in the form of a 0.4% trading fee, part of which will go towards LPs on Swapz.

What will happen to the rest?

Watch this space for more updates on that. We can’t disclose what we’ll do but we can guarantee you’ll love it if you’re holding SWAPZ.

Each swap will also incur a cross-chain fee to pay for the transaction cost. Naturally, as this will vary from chain to chain, it’ll be displayed on the platform.

If you want to help us test our platform, please contact the moderators in our Telegram group and they'll put you in contact with the team.

Swapz: The Most Valuable Platform

We know you love price predictions. Unfortunately, we can't give you one.

But here's what we can say:

With a total of $69B USDT, $30B USDC, and $12B BUSD in circulation, this means that from today, Swapz is now officially serving a market that is worth over $111 billion.

In fact, our launch had to be delayed for a few days because the funds got stuck in a bridge, thereby proving once again Swapz will be filling a crucial gap in the $129 billion stablecoin market.

Whenever professional traders see an opportunity on a different chain, Swapz lets them quickly swap their stables into that network to make that winning trade.

We’re giving them and you a convenient, fast, and ultra secure way to execute instant cross-chain swaps of stablecoins across four EVM blockchains.

And our plan is to extend that to ALL EVM compatible blockchains. Which one will follow? Keep your eyes on our Twitter and Telegram for the community poll that will decide the next EVM chain to be added to Swapz.

This means unlimited access to DeFi for everyone, and without KYC.

Every opportunity you find is yours to seize. And the more you swap, the more you profit.

Web3 has finally come to DeFi.

And rest assured: at one point, it will also have a zero slippage DEX.

But that's another story for another time...

Until then.

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