Swapz Announces Strategic Partnership with Gyro DAO

Together We Will Build the New Cross-Chain Financial System

We’re back!

It’s been less than 48 hours after releasing the MVP of our Swapz Platform, and things have been moving at Swapz speed.

Community response at the MVP has been amazing so far, and we’re ramping up with another massive partnership announcement.

Protecting the purchasing power of investors and being a reliable store of value long-term is one of the philosophical pillars of Bitcoin, and all of web3.

However, crypto is a volatile space. While we all want that winning trade, the ecosystem at large has also come to understand the value of stablecoins, particularly those that are not pegged to the US Dollar at all.

Olympus has had massive success with their decentralised reserve currency $OHM, and our newest partner is a fork off Olympus called Gyro DAO.

GYRO is bringing a stablecoin to the BSC ecosystem that is asset backed, protocol-controlled and community governed.

Every GYRO is backed by multi-asset stablecoins and GYRO-USDT LP in the treasury. This ensures the value of GYRO will be greater than or equal to 1 USDT.

At Swapz we understand the value of such a store of value, and we believe taking such value Cross-Chain is the future.

At Swapz the mission is to ensure secure, fast and easy flow of value amongst all EVM chains, and we’re proud to welcome $GYRO as a strategic partner as we build the Cross-Chain future together.

With Swapz LIVE on BSC, Eth, Polygon, and Velas already, the scope of this partnership is endless as we expand to all EVM chains and beyond.

$GYRO + $SWAPZ. Welcome to the New Cross-Chain Financial System.

About Swapz

Swapz is a cross-chain stablecoin swapping platform that connects all EVM compatible blockchains, effectively uniting DeFi with web3. When traders and investors see a profitable opportunity on a different chain, Swapz lets them quickly and securely swap their stablecoins into that network to make that winning trade.

Official Swapz: https://t.me/SwapzAnn/38

About Gyro

Gyro is a decentralized currency that isn't pegged to any fiat currency. By using algorithmic control of market dynamics, Gyro's stable-currency aims to curb inflation and give users the same purchasing power tomorrow as they do today.

Official Gyro DAO: https://t.me/GyroDAO